About Us

Our Story

Our story starts When Jaikrishnan and Hima Bindu (J&B) flew back to India with their notable period of corporate experiences in their backpacks. They believe everything has a purpose hence they decided to do it their way for growing businesses. Started off with two, now Team J&B are a streak of enthusiastic tigers ready to fire things up.

Our Team

We are a team of highly enthusiastic and Creative Designers, Content Writers, Techies and Brand Strategists striving to provide best Branding and Digital Strategies to businesses. Our stroke of 'Tech Creativity' provides your business the growth it really deserves. Our stroke of tech creativity will not league any corners of your expectations untouched

We take it different and make a difference

What to expect

We surf each and every billows of the current trend waves to curate a unique POTION for your brand to STAND OUT! We strive to provide results beyond expectations making sure your spend was for the better.


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